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It's Feel Good Friday

Today is Feel Good Friday at Aortic Hope.

⚕️In this community, we use a lot of pill bottles! Ideally, recycling these would be best however, we have recently learned that most recycling centers struggle sometimes to recycle them because they are too small. Have no fear! They are many things you can do with the containers.

💊In Crafts by Amanda, in the article titled, "20 Uses for Prescription Pill Bottles", Amanda states: "Be sure to clean the bottle well, especially if a narcotic medication was in the bottle previously. After cleaning with soap and water, a rinse of bleach followed by multiple rinses of clean water should do the trick.".

Here are the 20+ ideas:

1. Lotions, Shampoo & Conditioner

2. Pointy Objects

3. Waterproof Stash for Your Cash

4. Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls

5. Buttons and Beads

6. Safety Pins

7. Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

8. Office and Homework Supplies

9. Jewelry Keepers

10. Travel Size Sewing Kit

11. First Aid Kit

12. Pretty Rocks, Shell and Sand

13. Matches

14. Earbuds and Chargers

15. Hide a Key

16. Slime, Clay and Playdough

17. Loose Change

18. Breath Mints and Gum

19. Garage Organization

20. Cookie Cutter

21. Seed Storage

To view each in detail, click here.

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