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It's Feel Good Friday!

It's Feel Good Friday at Aortic Hope!

There are many ways to be part of the Aortic Hope community.

INSTAGRAM is one of them.

We are very close to 1,000 followers!

🎉Please go to our page, click "Follow". When we hit our 1000th follower, we will giveaway an Aortic Hope t-shirt🎉

😊On Facebook, you can also join the Aortic Hope Private Forum, if you are a caregiver, join the Aortic Hope Caregivers Only Private Forum and if you have lost a loved one to aortic disease, please join the Aortic Hope Grief Private Forum.

❤️Finally, consider "Subscribing" to our YouTube channel.

Click the bell icon to be notified of our live events.

👉Monday at 3pm EST we will be going live for our Week In Review and giving away a t-shirt while live🎉

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