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It's Feel Good Friday!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's Feel Good Friday at Aortic Hope!

There new survivors of aortic disease joining this group every day. Let's try to share with everyone how to thrive and not just survive!

Check out this article from Entrepreneur written by Matt Mayberry titled: Remember: You Were Meant to Thrive, Not Just Survive. Matt discusses in detail how he believes that " of the biggest regrets we will ever have at the end of our lives will be living in survival mode. Thinking about all of the great and wonderful things that we wanted to do but never did. Thinking about lost goals and dreams that we never acted on. Living in survival mode prohibits us from living a life of meaning and contribution. If you feel you have been surviving and just going through the motions, let today be the turning point in your life where you turn it all around."

Give your best advice on how to continue moving forward despite having an aneurysm (watch and wait), having had scheduled surgery or having survived an aortic dissection.

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