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It's Caregiver Recognition Day!

Updated: Jan 31

❤️Today is Aortic Hope's CAREGIVER RECOGNITION DAY!❤️

❤️Why today? Because caregivers make providing care seem as easy as 1,2,3 (as in January 23!)❤️

⭐ Four years ago, we decided that January 23rd would be Aortic Caregiver Acknowledgement day.

🤗 Beginning today and ending with something special on Friday, we will be highlighting a few articles and thoughts pertaining only to Caregivers! If you are a Caregiver reading this now, please consider joining the Aortic Hope Caregivers Only Private Forum on Facebook and you will receive information about our virtual private support group meetings.

❤️Take a moment today and tell us about the special caregiver in your life... Post a picture... Give a shout out... Have fun and celebrate your loved one/support system. ❤️

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