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Black Female Cardiologist guides the way for others

Today for Feel Good Friday we are going to not only celebrate an amazing young woman cardiologist, but a Black Female Cardiologist from Canada! (My home country! 😉) Black History Month is all about celebrating current history in the making as well.

Dr. Alex Bastiany is the first black woman to be an interventional cardiologist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and she’s doing great things for the Cardiovascular community! Check out this article from 2021 and another from 2022. Be sure to follow Dr. Alex Bastiany on Twitter!

The first article states “Interventional cardiology is a specialty of cardiology that requires additional years of education and training to diagnose and treat heart conditions with minimally invasive procedures.” Wow! 🤯

Dr. Alex is a role model not only for women, but for all people of colour in the medical field. She’s encouraging not only women, but black women to get into the field of cardiology! As a woman Aortic Dissection Survivor, this makes me proud to be a Canadian!

~ Jess

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