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Aortic Hope's Virtual Support Group Meeting NEW ADDITIONAL TIME Tuesday, June 11th @ 10pm EST

Come join Aortic Hope for a BRAND NEW virtual closed support group meeting the second Tuesday of every month at 10pm EST.

We are so exited to announce that community member and survivor Mark Martucci will be moderating these meetings.

Registering here once allows you participating in a future support group meetings.

We strongly suggest you download Teams for the best experience.

Ground rules:

1. Please be prompt (7pm PST)

2. Learn how to use your device (you want to try to minimize background noise such as music and people)

3. Privacy ( try to pick a location that is private, never share information, this environment is one where you should feel safe and comfortable)

4. No recording (do not record audio or video it the group meetings)

5. We will never post or discuss content that is shared publicly. Your privacy is important to us.

6. This group is about YOU. We welcome all feedback, comments, and suggestions regarding the process, content discussed and guest speakers.

*Aortic Hope and the support group facilitators are not medical professionals or therapists and will not provide medical advice of any kind. All participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences or listen to the stories from others.

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