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Aortic Hope's Mindfulness Workshop with Community Member Tom Bassarear Sunday, March 3rd at 4pm EST

Come join Aortic Hope on Sunday, March 3rd from 4-5:30pm EST as we offer our Mindfulness Workshop with Survivor, Tom Bassarear.

Register here.

Tom survived a Type B aortic dissection in November 2020 and spent 9 days in ICU during Covid lockdown. Tom had two surgeries in 2021 where six stents were placed in his aorta. At this point, the aorta has stabilized and he has CT scans every six months.

Tom has been practicing mindfulness for 42 years. Although anxiety and depression runs in his family, because of mindfulness he don't take drugs for anxiety and depression. Instead, he is able to use mindfulness practices to work with those thoughts and emotions when they arise--and they have arisen almost daily since the dissection!

In this 90 minute workshop, participants will:

· learn what mindfulness and meditation are and are not;

· learn four basic mindfulness meditations that can also be used during the day

· learn how to apply other mindfulness practices during the day

· have ample time to ask questions.

During the workshop, Tom will talk about how these practices were helpful during his hospitalizations and the long recovery period.

At the end of the workshop, registration will be open for the 8-week Mindfulness to Increase Joy and Decrease Stress course that he offered a year ago to fellow aortic survivors. The course will be limited to 16 participants.

If you have questions please reach out to, Tom Bassarear directly here.

Once you register, you will receive a link to join via email just prior to the event start time. Please download Microsoft Teams for better viewing.

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