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Aortic Hope's Live Q&A with Emmy Award Winner Kym McNicholas

Come join Aortic Hope as we interview Kym McNicholas on Thursday, February 15th at 4pm EST on our YouTube channel.

Kym is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who started The Way To My Heart, now doing business as The Global PAD Association after covering a story in which she was not satisfied with the ending.

The story began with travel around the world over the last five years to nearly a dozen countries and more than two dozen States to cover, as a journalist, the FDA Clearance process & global commercialization of what some told her could be a game-changing device in unblocking arteries.

During her journey, Kym observed thousands of hours of procedures in which Vascular Specialists used multiple methods to unblock arteries in legs and heart, interviewed hundreds of doctors and patients, and met with dozens of medical device-makers, as well as hospital and Office-Based Lab/Ambulatory Surgery Center administrators. Through that experience she discovered many heart attacks, strokes, and amputations are preventable with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, which includes the use of advanced tools and techniques.

That's when she decided to create a nonprofit focused on education, high-touch advocacy, and real-time support for P.A.D. patients around the world to help them navigate the healthcare system throughout their P.A.D. journey so they could live a better quality of life.

Since inception, The Way To My Heart, now doing business as the Global PAD Association, has provided education, advocacy, and support for more than 12,000 patients, directly saving the limbs of nearly 1,000 no-option patients.

She is also a vascular patient, herself, along with many members of her family. Kym was diagnosed with an aneurysm as well as her brother after their Mom transitioned due to an abdominal aortic dissection two years ago.

She is committed to working with Aortic Hope to further their mission in awareness and education to help others with potentially life-saving information.

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