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Aortic Hope's Book Reading Event with Survivor Teri Benson

Come join Aortic Hope's Book Reading Event on Thursday, June 23rd at 7pm EST on our YouTube channel.

Our featured author/ survivor is Teri Benson.

Teri was born and raised in Logan, UT and attended Utah State University. She is a survivor of cancer (stage 3 malignant melanoma) age 46, survived a heart attack at age 47, divorced at age 48 and survived a Type A/B Aortic Dissection at age 50.

Always up for a new adventure, Teri loves nature, being outdoors, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, hiking, golfing, water sports and traveling. Her children and 2 grandbabies are the light of her life and she enjoys every moment spent with them.

Teri is a motivational and inspirational speaker as well as the writer and author of "How my ordinary became extraordinary" which is available on Amazon:

"The day before your life changes forever....will just be an ordinary day, so make each day extraordinary."

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