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Aortic Hope's Bereavement Support Group Meeting Tuesday, January 9, 2024 7pm EST

❤️New for 2024 join our private virtual bereavement support group meeting on the second Tuesday of every other month.

It will be moderated by Carl Grody, LISW-S who has 14 years of experience working with children, teens, families and couples, Katherine Langer, our Director of Support Services and April Kee, Director of Support Services who are also spearheading this Grief Forum.

Together they will be providing a environment offering support and empathy for those who have lost a loved one/friend to aortic disease. Feel free to join and be uplifted as we share our sadness and joyful memories.

You may register for this free group by clicking here.

You only need to register once and you will receive an email before each support group meeting.

These meetings are held via Microsoft Teams so we encourage you to download Teams for the best experience.

*Aortic Hope and the support group facilitators are not medical professionals or therapists and will not provide medical advice of any kind. All participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences or listen to the stories from others.

If you would like to remember your loved one the new Gregg Aaron Greenberg Memorial Wall, please do so by emailing their information and a photo to

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