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Aortic Hope...By the Community, for the Community!

❤Aortic Hope ❤

In case you are new to Aortic Hope or just weren't aware, we have so many things to offer:

❓ What is Aortic Hope?

Aortic Hope is a 501(c)3 public charity founded by a community of survivors living with Aortic Disease and its impacts.

❓ What are the goals of Aortic Hope?

The community’s goals are to Spread Hope, Create Awareness and Provide Support to patients, survivors and caregivers during the recovery and management of aortic disease.

❓ How are these goals going achieved?

❤ Let's talk about HOPE

*Spreading hope is the cornerstone of what Aortic Hope is about. We will spread hope online by providing:

-Inspirational and thought-provoking stories posted from community members (we highly encourage you to post in our Aortic Hope Private Forum or if applicable, our Aortic Hope Caregivers Only Private Forum or Aortic Hope Grief Only Private Forum)

-Hope Mail Care Packages sent to survivors and caregivers: Sign up to receive a free gift from us once a year during your Aortaversary month or if you have an upcoming surgery, we can send you a care package as well!

👉 Click HERE to sign up.

-Saturday Survivor Video Series: Send us a message to receive instructions on how you can be featured in our weekly Saturday Survivor Video Series not only on Facebook but also on YouTube and our website as well. You never know how sharing your story will impact the lives of others.

👉 Click HERE to sign up.

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