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It's Topic Tuesday!

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope.

❓Did you know there are different types of aneurysms? Today we want to talk about pseudoaneurysms.

👉According TO WebMD in an article written by Rebekah Kushmider titled "What Is a Pseudoaneurysm?", Rebekah writes "A pseudoaneurysm happens as a result of injury to a blood vessel. The artery leaks blood, which then pools near the damaged spot. It's different from a true aneurysm, which happens when the wall of a blood vessel stretches and forms a bulge."

Some of the causes of a Pseudoaneurysm are:

-Catherization -Infection -Pancreatitis -Rupture of a true aneurysm -Surgery -Other trauma

To learn more about the symptoms and treatment options, check out this link.

*Photo credit: Stanford Health Care

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