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It's Topic Tuesday?

Today is Topic Today at Aortic Hope.

❓ Has the terminology Aortic Disease ever bothered you? Would it be easier to call it an Aortic Condition or Aortic Disorder?

👉 Each of these words actually have a different meaning.

As explained in AMA Style Insider, it is said that:

"...what distinguishes condition, disease, and disorder from one another would seem to be their relative emphases on functional change, structural change, presence of signs and symptoms, and, perhaps to a lesser extent, the gravity a writer wishes to convey:

• Condition simply indicates a state of health, whether well or ill; a condition conferring illness might be further classified as a disease or a disorder—however, condition might be used in place of disease or disorder when a value-neutral term is desired.

• Disease denotes a condition characterized by functional impairment, structural change, and the presence of specific signs and symptoms. As an aside, Dorland’s equates the terms illness and sickness with disease; while these are often used to indicate the state or experience of disease, they are also sometimes used as value-neutral alternatives for disease.

• Disorder, in contrast, denotes a condition characterized by functional impairment without structural change and, while certain disorders or categories of disorders might be accompanied by specific signs and symptoms, their presence is not required for a condition to be termed a disorder. Like condition, disorder is sometimes used as a value-neutral term in place of disease."

To learn more about these terms which may shed light on why it is called Aortic Disease, check out this article.

(Pic credit to Credihealth)

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