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It's Therapeutic Thursday

It's Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

Let's talk about the 10 Lies You Should Never Tell Your Doctor, written by George Dvorsky. The reason we want to talk about this is because we are all guilty of doing at least one of the things on this list.

Why do we do this?

Maybe we are intimidated to tell the truth? Maybe we are in denial? Either way, The psychology behind it is fascinating but the repercussions could be very detrimental:

1. Yes, I’m taking my medications just like you told me. 2. Nope, I’m not taking any prescription drugs or supplements right now. 3. I didn’t eat or drink anything prior to this surgery 4. I actually don’t drink that much alcohol 5. Me, a smoker? Pfffft 6. Oh, I don’t do drugs 7. I exercise regularly and eat healthy foods 8. I don’t really take a lot of over-the-counter pain relief 9. It doesn’t hurt 10. Gotcha doc, I totally understand what you’re saying

To learn more about the possible effects of saying any of these when they aren't true, click here.

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