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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

🧠 PTSD is something that many in the community experience. Symptoms can include:



-Trauma reminders

-Difficulty sleeping





👉 New Connections Counseling Center explains EMDR therapy in great detail.

They say that:

"EMDR is a research-based treatment for a multitude of mental health issues. This type of therapy has particular stages that you will move through with a therapist."

The information explains how EMDR utilizes Bilateral Simulation:

"One of the core pieces of EMDR therapy is bilateral stimulation. This is what differentiates this therapy from others, like talk therapy."

"When you undergo something traumatic, your brain often stores the memory in the emotional part of your brain. But, it needs to be stored in the logical part of the brain to avoid trauma reactions and triggers. This is where the problem begins, causing you to have trauma reactions when any aspect of the event is brought up. When you have a trauma reaction or feel triggered, it means that you have not processed the traumatic memory yet. So, one of EMDR’s goals is to process the memory, using bilateral stimulation."

Here is how Bilateral Stimulation works:

"Bilateral stimulation is the process by which a therapist will externally help you connect the emotional and logical sides of your brain. This is done by creating a horizontal, side-to-side movement with your eyes. Your EMDR therapist may move their finger in front of your eyes or tap on your knees. Essentially, they are guiding your brain to begin the healing process using external assistance."

"Once bilateral stimulation has begun, your therapist will help you recall the memory and focus on parts that have impacted you. Many clients who have worked with an EMDR therapist claim that this process makes them feel “challenged, yet relieved.” Yes, EMDR therapy is intense, hard work. However, it can change the makeup of your stored memories, giving you freedom from triggers forever."

❤️ If you have had EMDR therapy and would like to comment below on how it did or did not help you with PTSD, please do so.

*This is a suggestion and should be used as a conversation piece when discussing your mental and emotional issues with your physician.

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