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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is Theraputic Thursday with Aortic Hope!

Aortic Disease Support Groups


Please note, there are groups on Facebook and the Web dedicated to Marfan Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Loeys-Dietz Syndrome

While Aortic Hope offers:

• Opportunities you to participate in live interviews with physicians, surgeons, therapists, lawyers etc

• Survivor videos for inspiration and education

• FREE Hope Mail care packages every month

• A partnership with Think Aorta US to help spread awareness of increasing early diagnosis to those presenting with unexplained chest pain

•A partnership with the John Ritter Research Program for Aortic Disease in providing links to research programs

• FREE contests with awesome prizes

• Live virtual support groups

• Sister pages providing closed support to survivors or caregivers (places where you can share your concerns, ask questions, share your accomplishments etc)

We feel strongly that there are MANY wonderful Facebook pages where you can receive support. There are also other 501c3 charities like us that work tirelessly to provide education, research, awareness, support and hope, through the generosity of donations.

There is room for everyone to help!

Wherever you go for your support, we truly appreciate that you are here...that you have "liked" us, "follow" us and "share" our information.

For a detailed list of places you can go to for a variety of types of support, click HERE.


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