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It's National Doctor Day!

Today is National Doctor Day!

❓Do you ever wonder how you can "Thank" your physician? How do you thank someone who provided you such great care?

❤️Here are a few ideas below:

1. Recognize Them:

~Many times managers are aware of the complaints but not made aware of praise. Make sure a manager hears your positive story.

2. Send a Card:

~We are often overwhelmed by email so receiving an actual card in the mail can be a wonderful surprise and lovely way to give thanks.

3. Donate or Send a Meal:

~A fun way to give thanks is to donate to the Dr and staff so they can order a meal, or bake cookies and deliver them yourself. Either way, having a snack is always appreciated.

4. Send a Carepackage:

~Candles, treats, or other items to provide relaxation and pampering is another unique way to Thank a provider.

5. Send Flowers:

~Flowers cheer everyone up, make a lovely visual focal point and smell great! Send some to your physical and the staff to brighten their day.

6. Volunteer:

~Another way to say Thanks is by giving back. If you can volunteer in the health care arena or at your local hospital, it will mean so much to so many.

7. Just say "Thank You":

~Many people never know the level of appreciation you have for them until you simply say, Thank You.

2 powerful words that mean so much❤️

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