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It's Movement for Movement Monday!

Today is Movement for Movement Monday at Aortic Hope!

👣 In 2020 Aortic Hope started a MOVEMENT for MOVEMENT!!!

❤️As we all know, doing nothing is doing something however, many of us need some support to simply get moving (whatever that may be for you)

🛑 DID YOU KNOW.... That you can exercise comfortably even if you have allergies? Allergy season is upon many people which means being outside, even to take a walk, can be very uncomfortable.

👉 In Temple Health, an article written by the Temple Lung Center titled "These 9 Tips To Help You Exercise More Comfortably During Allergy Season", you will learn that "If you suffer from allergies, it doesn't mean you have to stop exercising outside or can't enjoy your favorite outdoor sport or activity."

To learn more, check out this article.

✔️ It's time to work through the fear of moving. We CAN do this together!

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