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It's Fun FRIYAY Day!

Today is a Fun FriYAY day for so many reasons!

❤ National Wear Red Day® is TODAY!

Wear red to raise awareness about women's cardiovascular disease.

💖 Why Go Red? Cardiovascular disease in the U.S. kills approximately one woman every 80 seconds. The good news is that 80% of cardiac events may be prevented with higher education and lifestyle changes. Go Red For Women advocates for more research and swifter action for women’s heart health. That’s why this year we are asking that you wear red on National Wear Red Day®

❤ Five numbers, that all women should know to take control of their heart health are:

1. Total Cholesterol

2. HDL (good) Cholesterol

3. Blood Pressure

4. Blood Sugar

5. Body Mass Index (BMI)

🤗 Knowing these numbers can help women and their healthcare provider determine their risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. It’s time for all women to learn the most critical numbers in their life — their hearts depend on it.

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