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It's Freaky Friday the 13th.

Today is Freaky Friday the 13th at Aortic Hope.

Ever hear people talking about avoiding walking under a ladder, the reprocussions of breaking glass or how to avoid a black cat especially today? These are all superstitions and things we all follow, some without realizing it.

As written in Healthline by Kathryn Watson in the article titled "Superstitions: What's the Harm?", Kathryn states, "Superstitions are long-held beliefs that appear to be rooted in coincidence or cultural tradition rather than logic or facts."

Behaviors that cause stress could increase our heart rate and possibly lead towards an increase in blood pressure. Kathryn notes that "Most superstitions are fun and harmless, whether you sincerely believe in them or not. But some superstitions can play into mental health conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)."

Want to learn about the most common superstitions? Check out the article here.

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