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Answers to Trivia Challenge!

Hey family! Thank you so much for joining us today. It was awesome seeing so many of you answer yesterday's challenge! We are so happy to be learning together.

All of you did amazing! Here are the answers to the trivia questions from yesterday's Topic Tuesday trivia challenge.


  1. On September 5, I wrote a post about Aorta 101. Can you remind me, what are the three layers of the aorta? Hint, they all start with tunica !

  2. Also from our September 5 Aorta 101 post, what is the official name for when an aortic valve is “leaky”?

  3. On September 6, we discussed Thoracic Abdominal Aneurysms (TAA). Can you name one risk factor for TAA?

  4. On September 12, Duc discussed (AAA) can you let us know around what size (in centimeters) is it recommended to have surgical replacement of the AAA with synthetic material?

  5. September 8, Duc shared some information about aortic dissections. Can you name one connective tissue disease that puts you at risk for aortic dissection?

  6. Also from that blog post, we discussed the difference between Type A and Type B aortic dissections. Can you tell us, which one involves the descending part of the aorta?

  7. On the 11th, we disucssed the aortic valve! Remind us, how many leaflets do most aortic valves contain?

  8. Also from the aortic valve blogpost, what are the two ways we could replace the valve? Here’s a hint, one of them can be done using a small cut in your groin, shoulder or neck.

  9. From out September 12 blog post, who are the two types of surgeons that can help treat aortic disease?

  10. On the 13th, Duc discussed some of the imaging tests we use to diagnose aortic disease. Can you name 2 images he wrote about?


  1. Tunica intima, Tunica Media, Tunica adventitia ( )

  2. Aortic regurgitation ( )

  3. Atherosclerosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), smoking, genetic/connective tissue disorders (

  4. ~5-5.5 centimeters (

  5. Marfan, Loeys-Dietz, Ehlers-Danlos, Turner syndrome (Marfan, Loeys-Dietz, and Ehlers-Danlos, Turner (

  6. Type B (

  7. Three (tri-leaflet) (

  8. Surgery or transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) (

  9. Cardiothoracic / Vascular surgeons (

  10. CT, MRI, echocardiography (

How many did you get right? Comment down below! Carin will announce the challenge winner (and recipient of their copy of the Aortic Dissection Patient guide) soon!

Thanks for tuning in again family, and talk soon! #ThinkAorta.


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