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Welcome our Administrative Coordinator Volunteer & Community Services, Chris Nowlin

Please welcome Chris Nowlin as our Administrative Coordinator for Volunteer & Community Services.

We are looking forward to working with Chris in 2024 as she will be helping us with key initiatives.

"Christina Nowlin Born in Texas, raised in Las Vegas Nev. I was a musician’s brat growing up. I call Hanover Co., Virginia my home for the past 32 years with my wonderful husband Joe. We have been married for the last 42 years and we have three beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. I am a former construction estimating project manager. I enjoy traveling with my husband and our black lab, Sarah. I garden and take weekly classes.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with an atrial fibrillation, ascending aneurysm and an aneurysm of the aortic root. It was not till February 2022 that I had open heart surgery for the aneurysm repairs. Also, in 2019 my husband had a heart attack. He received a stint at that time and was watched for several years till 2023 when the doctors felt that he was ready for bypass surgery.

My husband and I have both been on each side of surgery and caretaker, we are each other's “Other” My Husband and I are currently under the care of a Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiologist and a Pulmonologist all from VCU Hospital, Pauley Heart Center."

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