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Good morning everyone! We are going to kick off today going over pseudoaneurysms.

A pseudoaneurysm (aka false aneurysm) is a pooling of blood caused by injury to your blood vessel. When a pseudoaneurysm forms, it is due to a leakage of arterial blood from an artery into the surrounding tissue with a persistent communication between the originating artery and the adjacent cavity. Below is a diagram of what a pseudoaneurysm looks like.

Unlike an aneurysm, a pseudoaneurysm only includes one or two layers of the artery wall. Just a reminder that an aneurysm is a bulge within your artery. That bulge still has all three layers of your artery wall as its own wall. On the other hand, a pseudoaneurysm only includes one or two layers of your artery wall with the rest of the wall is made of connective tissue that forms when your artery is injured. This wall strength is thus weaker than an aneurysm’s wall. Here’s a quick reminder of the three layers of the aorta, the inside layer (Intima), middle layer (Media) and outside layer (Adventitia).

Aortic Dissection: The Patient Guide

Aortic pseudoaneurysms are often the result of trauma, penetrating aortic lesions, or as a result of cardiac surgery. Some pseudoaneurysms resolve themselves, while others require treatment to prevent hemorrhage, an uncontrolled leak or other complications. Treatment may be necessary to prevent rupture and serious complications.

An ultrasound study may be done to evaluate a puncture site of where the pseudoaneurysm is formed if swelling, pain or extensive bruising suggests a pseudoaneurysm has formed. Surgery is sometimes required, but most pseudoaneurysms at arterial puncture sites can be treated with a brief, minimally-invasive procedure. Aortic pseudoaneurysms are considered a severe aortic injury, and are most commonly treated with thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) rather than open surgery.

This wraps up this today's session! Join us back here next Tuesday. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you stay healthy and well.


Duc Giao

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