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It's Topic Tuesday

Welcome back our family at Aortic Hope!

Hope that you are all having a terrific week so far! Today, we want to bring your attention to our US edition of Aortic Dissection: The Patient Guide, which will be available to download on August 28th and for hardcopy order on September 5th!

This is an informational guidebook that provides crucial information for patients, family, and caregivers about aortic dissections and aortic diseases. Importantly, this book that is written and created by patients, offers unique insights from the lens of many patients. This patient handbook gathers the insights and guidance from many amazing people who collectively came together to make this resource available. This guidebook is endorsed by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Society for Vascular Surgery. Sponsorship provided by Run for Aortic Health and Edwards Lifesciences.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful resource so check it out! Please share this guide with your family and friends and talk with them about your family’s experience with Aortic disease. That’s all we have for today.

Be safe and healthy.

~ Duc Giao

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