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It's Thank You Thursday

Today is Thank You Thursday and part of National Nurse Appreciation Week!!!

💖 We bet that when you think of a famous nurse, the name Florence Nightingale comes to mind. However, did you know that the first nurse to ever be professionally trained in the US was Linda Richards (1841-1930).

🩺 As stated in Wikipedia: "Linda Richards was the first professionally trained nurse in the United States. Her experiences with nursing her dying mother and her husband, who was wounded in the Civil War, inspired Richards to become a nurse. She was the first student to enroll in the first nurse training school at the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1872. She established nurse training programs in the United States and Japan, and created the first system for keeping individual medical records for hospitalized patients."

If you would like to learn more about Linda, check out this article in Trustees Nurse Staffing written by Martin Vidal titled: "Linda Richards. Honoring America's First Nurse".

🎉 Let's give a lot of shout-outs to the amazing Nurses within our community!❤️

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