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It's National Volunteer Appreciation Week

It's National Volunteer Appreciation Week❤️

These individuals work primarily with the promotion of Aortic Hope, sharing our resources with the public and medical centers and helping us to secure funding. The individuals showcased below, as with the others, are not compensated but rather give of themselves for the sole reward of knowing they are helping to direct others to receive the support and education they need. THANK YOU❤️

❤️Tom Bassarear

(Content Creator/Mindfulness)

❤️Diane Bishop


❤️Sandra Lyden

(Grants Administrator)

❤️Tom Nowetner

(Community Liaison)

❤️Chris Nowlin


❤️Scott Paulsen

(Community Liaison)

❤️Claire Platt


❤️Ryan Rodarmer

(Genetics Educator)

❤️Robb & Mindy Seltzer

(Content Creators/Aortic Kitchen)

❤️Kevin Songer

(Content Creator/Qigong)

❤️Bruce Waldrop


HUGE shout-out of thanks and appreciation to everyone that was involved with the creation, editing and review of Aortic Dissection: The Patient Guide. What an impact your volunteering has made and will continue to make on the community❤️

"There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up." ~Bernard Meltzer

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