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It's another (trivia) Topic Tuesday

Hey friends and family! Thanks for joining us for #TopicTuesday! Today, I wanted to pose some trivia challenge questions for you!

If you need to, do a quick glance quickly before you take the quiz! Try to test yourself to see how much you picked up from the posts. We will post the answers next week!

  1. If an aortic dissection involves the ascending aorta, it is called a Type ___ aortic dissection.

  2. A weakening in a large artery is called an _______.

  3. Aortic _____ refers to an aortic valve is too tight.

  4. A ______ aortic valve has 2 leaflets instead of 3.

  5. True/False - The only type of surgeons that treat aortic aneurysms are vascular surgeons.

  6. Which valve separates the left ventricle of the heart from the aorta?

  7. Name two imaging modalities that can be used to diagnose aortic aneurysms.

  8. True or false - MRI machines require contrast dye.

  9. What are the three cross segments / sections of the aorta.

  10. BONUS - What year was Aortic Hope founded?

Be sure to put your answers down below in the comments. Answers will be posted next Tuesday at 10am EST.

Take care, talk soon and remember always #ThinkAorta!


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