Survivor Story of Donna (Survivor) and Daughter/Caregiver, Christina plus a teaser into a future relationship with a NINJA!

Today is Saturday Survivor Series!

🎥 We are back with another video for our Survivor Series! On certain Saturdays during the month, we will share stories from survivors or caregivers within the Aortic community.

❤️ ❤️ Today we bring you a special Mother's Day Edition which explains Donna Schouten (Dissection Survivor) and her daughter Christina Neyman-Sossong (Caregiver) as they share Donna's 2 1/2 year journey. Learn about the initial dissection through future surgeries to address infection and her descending aorta as well as the battle through recovery.

❤️ Aortic Hope recognizes that Aortic Disease isn't only about the survivor. There are real struggles and challenges for the caregiver and loved ones as well. The post aortic disease diagnosis is really a journey for both the patient and their loved ones.

❤️ We are also happy to tease a future announcement of how Christina's daughter Elle will be spreading the aortic awareness, so stay tuned!

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❤️ You never know how your story, whether as a survivor or caregiver, will affect and inspire others.

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