JULY 2018

Aortic Hope is an official 501(c)(3) charity. Any donations given to Aortic Hope may be tax deductible retroactive to June 2017! Click the picture below and enjoy the video!


JULY 2018

📣Aortic Hope is excited to announce something that has little to do with us and EVERYTHING to do with YOU and the COMMUNITY! Help Create Awareness within the community and get everyone thinking about their AORTA!  🎗️With a $10 donation, you can get yours today! They will be mailed starting the third week of July.🎗️

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JULY 2018

Aortic Hope is excited to announce that we were nominated for: Best In Show: Facebook at WEGO Health!!!

Facebook is a community all its own. Over the past few years, it has transformed from a place for a personal profile to a real hub for discourse, conversation, and community. Who has the best Facebook Group or Page of anyone you know? Who utilizes Facebook Lives to amplify their patient advocacy? The winner of this category has balanced the ever-changing interface of Facebook and has turned it into an opportunity to reach more people. This Patient Leader fosters an environment where people want to "Like" and interact. They may have other social media sites, but he or she really utilizes all the tools Facebook has to offer and shows how it can be used for good!

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WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting health care with the experience, skills and insights of Patient Leaders.

WEGO is the world’s largest network of over 100k Patient Leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics. Their network collaborates with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, agencies, consultancies, startups and all types of organizations across healthcare.

WEGO Health offers enterprise and on-demand solutions that allow organizations to leverage the patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of their products and services.

october 2018

“AH has given me an outlet to speak to other survivors. I also love the live chats. The admins are so dedicated and caring. I will be a part of this group until the day I die. I love these people. they are my family by choice not by blood. “

~Lisa (Survivor)

“Very informative. Great support. Uplifting messages.”

~Amy (Caregiver)


“People learn the different forms of the disease. The name is perfect!”

~Ed (Survivor)


“Great site for us heart warriors. Thanks for creating it and helping others of how its important to be aware”

~Terry (Survivor) 

may 2018

"Aortic Hope....we need more groups like this in the world."

~Amy (Caregiver)

 APRIL 2018

Aortic Hope is..."Awesome! Filled with great information! Great people. People from the group reached out to me and that's important."

~Craig (Survivor)

 March 2018

"This group educates and increases awareness of aortic disease and allows others to appreciate the dramatic impact it can have on the lives of those afflicted and their loved ones. Through our work together we can turn many of these would-be emergency operations into safer elective procedures. We can educate the family of patients with aortic disease to get screened with echocardiography and CT or MRI imaging. And we can support those who carry these diagnoses along the way." 

~Ben Youdelman, MD, Director of the Maimonides Aortic Center, Brooklyn, New York


"Today was my 4 year aortaversary!!! So very thankful for each day I am given! Blessed for this community of people who have been through the same life altering events!!! And grateful for a 2nd chance!!!"

~Terah (Survivor)


"Aortic Hope is all it's name says and more! Giving hope through inspiration, education & genuine concern. They have created a "World-Wide" community of comradery among Aortic Survivors, Caregivers & Families! There's always room for you, too!"

~Teresa (Caregiver)