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Updated: Dec 30, 2021


“It is very helpful and informative about what others are going through or have already done it.”

~Korina (Community Member)

APRIL 2020

“Great organization!! Had no idea I would end up here but has been comforting. Many people have shared their experience and they have given hope to others.”

~Art (Survivor)

“This group is invaluable to anyone affected by aortic disease.”

~Brenda (Friend/Nurse)

MARCH 2020

“Amazing FB page with lots of credible information. It is so special that these survivors of a near fatal event take the time to share their journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~Ingeborg (Friend)


“I like the heart connections.”

~Ken (Survivor)


“Great for survivors and caregivers!”

~Renee (Survivor)


“A place where you realize you’re not alone.”

~Wendy (Community Member)


“Inspiring and informative posts!”

~Angie (Survivor)

“…This is so scary to live with every day . Living with a time bomb in my chest. I am happy to have found this group and a few others also I have joined with information. support and lovely people”

~Susie (Survivor)


“very good resource, people and group”

~Daniel (Survivor)

JULY 2019

“I found Aortic Hope while searching for groups of people who have gone through aorta dissections and aneurysms as I had. I look forward to the daily inspirational messages and love to share with others. It is a great way to get word out about TAAD in efforts to educate others.”

~Marnie (Survivor)

“A wonderful website filled with amazing survivors and information--if you have had any aortic problems, this is the place to be!”

~Dee (Survivor)

JUNE 2019

“Very encouraging…can relate to Aortic issues”


“Great info and wonderful support from survivors.”

~Jeff (Survivor)

MARCH 2019

“Aortic Hope provides daily motivation and inspiration for the survivors. AH is also a wealth of knowledge and resources for warriors and their friends and families. Thank you for doing what you do! “

~Jess (Survivor)

“For anyone directly or indirectly affected by AD. This is the place.”

~Michael (Survivor)

“Extremely informative and supportive. Always there to listen even when nobody else is.“

~Tabitha (Survivor)

“Aortic Hope is a perfect name for this group. Hope is something we all need when we’re going through this! So appreciate the info and the group support from people who have survived and understand like no one else can.”

~ Una (Survivor)


“Informative and sense of community. Grateful for all of the connections. Loved my Aortaversary gift during “our” month!”

~Darlene (Survivor)


“Gain very valuable information from them and others as to my condition. Great support and encouragement. “

~Scott (Survivor)

“Recommend to those who have had, or expecting cardiac, surgery resulting from an aortic disease. This community helps raise awareness and spread knowledge about new medical studies, findings as well as medicinal advice (given the recent recalls on beta blockers and high BP meds). “

~Nicole (Survivor)


“ I’ve learned so much since joining this page - which has lowered my anxiety and given me comfort. Love the live Q & A’s”

Amy (Survivor)


“AH has given me an outlet to speak to other survivors. I also love the live chats. The admins are so dedicated and caring. I will be a part of this group until the day I die. I love these people. they are my family by choice not by blood. “

~Lisa (Survivor)

“Very informative. Great support. Uplifting messages.”

~Amy (Caregiver)


“People learn the different forms of the disease. The name is perfect!”

~Ed (Survivor)


“Great site for us heart warriors. Thanks for creating it and helping others of how its important to be aware”

~Terry (Survivor)

MAY 2018

"Aortic Hope....we need more groups like this in the world."

~Amy (Caregiver)

APRIL 2018

Aortic Hope is..."Awesome! Filled with great information! Great people. People from the group reached out to me and that's important."

~Craig (Survivor)

MARCH 2018

"This group educates and increases awareness of aortic disease and allows others to appreciate the dramatic impact it can have on the lives of those afflicted and their loved ones. Through our work together we can turn many of these would-be emergency operations into safer elective procedures. We can educate the family of patients with aortic disease to get screened with echocardiography and CT or MRI imaging. And we can support those who carry these diagnoses along the way."

~Ben Youdelman, MD, Director of the Maimonides Aortic Center, Brooklyn, New York


"Today was my 4 year aortaversary!!! So very thankful for each day I am given! Blessed for this community of people who have been through the same life altering events!!! And grateful for a 2nd chance!!!"

~Terah (Survivor)


"Aortic Hope is all it's name says and more! Giving hope through inspiration, education & genuine concern. They have created a "World-Wide" community of comradery among Aortic Survivors, Caregivers & Families! There's always room for you, too!"

~Teresa (Caregiver)

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