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Survivor Story of Alberto Garcia

Hello good morning my name is Alberto I live in the Canary Islands Spain, in the month of April 2020 while we were all confined due to the coronavirus I decided to go for a walk with my dog ​​to clear up a bit

It was 6 in the afternoon and suddenly I felt a tremendous pain going through my back, immediately I went back to my house halfway, I felt that pain that crossed my chest again and I began to worry immediately and for the third time that pain crossed my waist I thought it had to be something serious.

When I got home I told my wife to please called the ambulance because what was happening to me was not normal. When the ambulance arrived my blood pressure was 270 bar 150 and they immediately transferred me to the hospital. The pain was still in my back but the hospitals they were saturated with coronavirus patients and I was under observation for 24 hours without getting my blood pressure to drop below 230.

After 24 hours a cardiovascular surgeon told me what he saw and said that he wanted to do a radiology test with a CT scan. When they gave him the results, he realized that I had a type B aortic dissection that came from the subclavian artery, it passed through the stomach through the renal artery to the lumbar artery.

I was then to be transferred by helicopter to another larger hospital on another island to be operated on immediately. Upon arrival at the new hospital, the cardiovascular surgeons observed that it was very dangerous to operate and it was more advisable to try to lower my blood pressure so that my artery would not rupture. I suffered but survived and I spent two weeks in the ICU to fix my blood pressure.

In the end we managed to lower my blood pressure to 120 my renal artery was also affected by what happened and my kidneys did not work well at all.

That day my life has changed completely now I have to take good care of my blood pressure. I take 12 pills every day and be very careful with everything so that it does not affect my blood pressure or my kidney. I have better days and worse days, but thanks to the surgeons and all the doctors who have treated me, I managed to save my life, my wound is still inside me and it is there to this day.

I hope it will be many many many years before I have any other issues.

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