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Live Survivor Series Kick-off for Marfan Awareness with Grace Barnhart.

Come join us for a LIVE Survivor Series with community member and activist, Grace Barnhart on Saturday, February 4th at 7pm EST.

Grace will be kicking off our Survivor Series for the month of February as it is Marfan Awareness Month.

As a Marfan patient, Grace is also a freshman in college studying social work. Marfan Awareness is very important to her as she was diagnosed at 4 years old. Since then, she has accomplished so much within the community which she looks forward to sharing with everyone.

Grace is also a caregiver to our board member, Bill Barnhart, who also has Marfan Syndrome. Bill has had 2 aortic dissections along with many other Marfan related issues.

Grace is not only full of "grace" but she is smart, poised and an inspiration.

Awareness saves lives...come listen and interact with Grace on our Youtube channel.

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