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Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelets

Updated: Feb 16

Aortic Hope

is pleased to announce our continued relationship with Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry!

Lauren's Hope always offers generous discounts. However, when you make a purchase using this link, Aortic Hope will receive a portion of the sales. 100% of this money will be used towards their initiatives within the community!


Our History

”In 2001, Lauren’s Hope introduced the very first interchangeable medical ID bracelet, and overnight, people who had grudgingly worn, or even refused to wear, the standard, plain metal medical ID bracelets of the past suddenly had attractive, durable, stylish options they could enjoy wearing and change to suit their mood, outfit, or activity. Today, more than 400,000 people wear Lauren’s Hope medical IDs every day, and we’re proud to say that number just keeps growing. Our ever-expanding line of medical ID bracelets, necklaces, anklets, charms, bag tags, and more is always on-trend, made to the highest quality, and guaranteed to meet your needs and expectations.”

Who Is Lauren?

”We’re often asked who Lauren is or where the name “Lauren’s Hope” came from. The original interchangeable medical ID bracelet was made for Lauren, a 13 year old with diabetes who refused to wear medical ID jewelry because, as she said, ‘It’s ugly and draws attention to my illness.’ So we set out to design a medical alert bracelet that Lauren, and the millions of people like her who avoided medical IDs when they really needed them, would actually enjoy wearing.”


Medical ID bracelets serve many purposes but their main objective is to assist healthcare professionals and first responders to get an in-depth view of the patient’s medical condition so that proper treatment can be administered without delay. The bracelet is of immense help when the patient is not able to communicate clearly.

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