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It's Topic Tuesday

Updated: May 26, 2023

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope!

We would like to start with a small challenge! Without peeking , can you name what the three layers of the aorta are? Comment your answers below.

Last week, we learned about the layers of the aorta, in the coming weeks we will be learning more about different conditions associated with the largest artery in the body, starting today with aortic dissection.

A great review article from the Mayo Clinic defines an aortic dissection as a "tear within the innermost layer of the aorta, causing blood to rush and accumulate between the innermost and middle layer. The “dissection” refers to a visual splitting of the aorta, creating a true and false lumen."

To read more and see some visuals to help you understand more, please click on the following link.

As always, our family at Aortic Hope thanks you for being on this journey with us. Be safe and happy and remember to always Think Aorta! Until next time ~Adham

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