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It's Topic Tuesday!

🤗 Today is Topic Tuesday and all about how Aortic Hope provides Support in the community.

🗺️ Navigating the recovery and management of aortic disease is often confusing and overwhelming. Aortic Hope will Provide Support to patients, survivors and caregivers by:

📢 Hosting Live Q&A sessions on AHTV our Aortic Hope YouTube Channel with professionals associated with Aortic Health such as Surgeons, Physicians, Therapists, etc. These are interactive events.

❓Hosting Ask A Dr. sessions on our Facebook page where you can put a question in the comments section and a physician will answer the question in text form, in real time.

🤝 Providing monthly closed online support group which may include guest speakers. Please click here to register once:

🎉 Brand new for 2022 if you are a Caregiver and interested in participating in a support group meeting, please register one time using the THIS LINK and you will be contacted with information on how to join. We will begin hosting these meetings soon!

📋 Presenting Tableside Patient Advocacy Cards to Physician offices. Please click here to find out more about this program.

❣️ Having Hope Ambassadors available to provide direct support, initiate fundraisers, share important information pertaining to aortic disease and more within the community. Click here to sign-up today.

👉 Our Community Corner will launch in February and we will begin posting dates for our other interactive events!

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