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It's Think Aorta Success Story Thursday

Today is Think Aorta Success Story Thursday at Aortic Hope.

❤️If you are part of the Aortic Disease community then you should understand the importance of taking the time to #thinkaortathinkfamily

👉If you have had the important conversation with immediate family and your physician about your family medical history, then Think Aorta US wants to hear from YOU.

❤️Please consider sharing with the community how this conversation went for you and your loved ones. Share how everyone is being monitored to hopefully lead to any necessary diagnosis and avoid the rare Aortic Dissection.

👉Think Aorta US will feature you in their Success Story campaign and provide you with a personalized photo and link to your article so you can share it on your own social media.

✏️Complete the following form and someone will be in touch.

🫀Aortic Dissections are rare but Aortic Disease is more common than you think.

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