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It's Therapeutic Thursday

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

🌎With the weather getting warmer, now might be a great time to try Earthing.

🌍Earthing (or grounding) according to an article by Jeff Hayward in ActiveBeat "refers to the connection between the human body and the earth. Basically, it means going barefoot and reaping the energy from the ground (whether it’s a beach or a grassy meadow), and it supposedly has many health benefits."

👣In 2018, the NIH published the results from a 15 year long study titled Grounding Patients With Hypertension Improves Blood Pressure: A Case History Series Study written by Howard K. Elkins and Angela Winter "demonstrated that grounding (Earthing) the human body to Earth's surface charge generates multiple beneficial physiological effects. Anecdotal reports include lowering of high blood pressure (BP)."

👉To read this study in it's entirely, click here.

❤️It's interesting that what's right under our feet could potentially help reduce blood pressure🤔 Consider discussing this with your physician.

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