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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

Scanxiety is a term often used within the cancer community however, many feel this in the Aortic community as well.

Dr. Jyoti Patel wrote an article in titled, "What Is Scanxiety? How People With Cancer and Survivors Can Cope" and she explains that "It is common to feel stress or worry during the period before a medical test, during the test, and while waiting for test results. We call these feelings "scanxiety"."

Dr. Patel goes on to say "The main reason it is common for people to experience scanxiety is that many of them have already lived through receiving need is negative results from earlier scans. They remember those experiences, and those memories can amplify feelings of insecurity, anxiety and helplessness."

If you would like to learn more about this phenomenon, check out the article but remember to replace the cancer diagnosis with your own Aortic diagnosis or situation. We think you will agree that scanxiety is definitely an emotion we can all relate to.

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