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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

🤔 Rumination, the art of thinking deeply about something. How many of you do this regarding aortic disease?

The article "Can't Help Thinking About the Past? 3 Tips to Help Stop Ruminating" written by Steph Corlho on Psych Central says:

"Memories of the past can connect you with parts of yourself that you’ve left behind. But persistently dwelling on your past, or thinking about events that already happened, may cause you distress."

👉 Determining if you are ruminating or obsessing is very important.

"Rumination is when you’re stuck in a loop of repeated negative thoughts about the past, and you can’t seem to stop even if you want to."

When you think about negative thoughts or experiences and just replay it over and over again but are not coming up with solutions or ways to fix the thoughts, you are most likely ruminating.

To learn more about this behavior, not disorder, and ways to stop this behavior check out this article.

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