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It's Therapeutic Thursday

It's Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

We think it’s time for another one of these check-ins, especially with everything going on in the world right now.


❤️ I’m doing great

💙 I’m okay

💛 I’m okay-ish

💚 Things are tough, I’m struggling

💜 I’m having a hard time and wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to me

💔 I’m in a really dark place

Let's make sure everyone's doing okay. 🤗

Words of encouragement and support help! ✨

If you would like to be directly connected to one of our Directors of Community Relations please send us an email at

Don't forget, we offer support group meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 2pm EST and the last Wednesday at 7pm EST. Register HERE once to receive a link for each private online meeting.

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