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It's Movement for Movement Monday!

Today is Movement for Movement Monday at Aortic Hope!

Let's make this message simple.....IT'S TIME TO MOVE!!!

We often talk about how important it is to simply MOVE. Do whatever your doctor has cleared you to do and try to not become overwhelmed with fear of moving! It's hard...WE KNOW!

If you are told you can and should walk, how many steps do you really need to take in order for it to "make a difference"?

In our book, taking any is better than none! However, according to an article in Fit & Well written by James Frew titled "How Many Steps Should You Take a Day?" he notes that "It's common to hear people talk about hitting their 10,000 daily step target, but does the science support that? According to researchers, you can get similar health-boosting results from hitting 6,000 a day instead."

While most fitness tracking devices seem to be automatically set at 10,000 steps, Frew says, "Fortunately, research published in The Lancet has found that walking 6,000 steps each day might be enough to feel the benefits of walking, like improved joint health, increased metabolism, and a greater sense of wellbeing."

For more information, check out the article here.

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