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It's Motivation Monday

Today is Motivation Monday with Aortic Hope!

❤ We don't know if you realize this, but we find our own motivation when we share things with you. Mondays can be difficult for anyone, even us.

🌻 It's that time of year... Spring-Cleaning!

Sometimes if you do one small thing, it can create a HUGE feeling of accomplishment. That small victory can build on itself.

🌸 At Aortic Hope we are in Spring Cleaning mode, and we are feeling amazing. We want our "house" to look good for you!

Spring cleaning can be daunting, especially for a lot of us, who are easily distracted or can become easily exhausted.

🌷 We found a list of things, to help you clean away the clutter and stress. Some of the items on the list are so small, and doing one of them could make you feel really great!

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