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It's Motivation Monday!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Today is Motivation Monday with Aortic Hope!

Did You Know... Hope Mail started with just 4 people who received hand knitted heart pillows... Now, we have over 200 Survivors/Caregivers receiving a once a year small care package from Aortic Hope as a way to acknowledge your Aortaversary and to say THANK YOU for your support.

Whatever is on your To Do List today, we want motivate you to adding one more thing... Signing up for Hope Mail!

Hope Mail is FREE! After you sign up, you will receive, once a year, a small token of our appreciation during the month of your Aortaversary (anniversary date of your OHS, repair for Dissection/ Aneurysm, or even date of diagnosis but you can only pick one date!)

Please sign up HERE

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