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Covid Town Hall Meeting 3/23/21

In case you missed tonight's Covid Town Hall Meeting, feel free to check it out HERE

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Ben Youdelman of the Maimonides Medical Center for fielding these questions: (paraphrased) Question #1: Why would someone who has been infected with COVID and has antibodies still want to get the vaccine?

Answer #1 The added dose to what may be a tapering off of antibodies shows a massive increase of protection. Question #2: I don't know anyone who has had the flu this entire year, how did that happen? Answer #2: The drastic reduction of the flu is most likely due to the participation of social distancing, washing hands, and masks. These measures are all accountable for the downward trend.

In case you missed tonight's Covid Town Hall Meeting, feel free to check it out HERE

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