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Community Collaboration!

Aortic Hope Announcement!

🎉 It's the beginning of a new year and every year we announce a theme for the year. 2021 was about mental health and 2022 is....


We are very excited to add new initiatives for 2022 including:

⭐ Collaborating with the following organizations: Aortic Bridge, Rock From The Heart and Think Aorta US, to help maximize the sharing of resources, knowledge and our abilities to do what we all do best, support YOU!

⭐ Work together to help other individuals and groups do what they do best from raising funds for research and grass roots organizations, to providing support within the Facebook community.

⭐ Expansion of our Support Group Meetings to include designated meetings for Caregivers and quarterly meetings for those who have lost loved ones to Aortic Disease. These groups are facilitated by individuals like YOU. Occasionally we have a licensed therapist on hand to help lead discussions or answer questions and provide insight however, we recognize, support is most effective when given/received from like-minded individuals.

⭐ Launching the Community Corner which will offer an opportunity for members of our community as well as physicians and others to post written blogs or videos about whatever is on YOUR mind. We were created for the community by members of the community and now you will have a place on our website just for YOU!

⭐ We will continue to host BINGO, Ladies Night, Live Q&A, Ask A Dr, Movement for Movement, but we are also be adding a Book Night, more Craft Nights, online auctions, and so much more!

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to being able to spread hope, create awareness and provide support throughout the community!

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