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Arts & Crafts with Aortic Hope on Thursday, August 26th at 7pm EST

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Take a break from Aortic Disease and learn how to do Acrylic Paint Pouring!

You can watch and comment on our YouTube Channel.

Carin Andersen, Co-Founder and Survivor along with Board Member/ Survivor Tammy Warner, will show you different acrylic paint pouring techniques. Carin discovered this medium after her dissection as a distraction and form of therapy. Every piece will be different, unique and perfect!

Materials needed (can be purchased at your local dollar store or craft store):

- Canvas - Acrylic paints (may be pre-mixed for pouring) - Elmer's Glue - Water - Disposable gloves - Paper cups - Popsicle stick or something to use to stir - Newspaper or tarp - Paper towel

Everything we create during this event will be given away within the month of September!

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