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Aortic Hope's AHTV Aortic Kitchen Episode 3 with Chef Robb and Mindy Seltzer June 6, 2023 7pm EST

Come join Aortic Hope and their Culinary & Nutrition Educators, Chef Robb & Mindy Seltzer as they educate the community about how to enjoy food while being part of the aortic community.

This is number 3 of a 4 part series happening on Tuesday, June 6th at 7pm EST. You may ask questions during the demonstration.

We have all heard about SALT is not good for the community but what can we use in its' place? There are so many "diets" like the Mediterranean and DASH diet but what are those exactly? Chef Robb and Mindy have the answers and will not only educate the community but provide a hands-on approach, taking the intimidation factor out of cooking.

This event is FREE however, donations are greatly appreciated and help to allow us to present series like these to the community. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so here.

*Remember to discuss any dietary issues you may have with your physician before attending this series.

Thank you.

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