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Aortic Hope Live Q&A with Dr. Kristin Watson Thursday, May 6th 6pm EST

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Watson_May 2021_Aortic Hope
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Aortic Hope will be hosting Dr. Kristin Watson for a Live Q&A event discussing everything to do with Prescriptions and Aortic Disease.

Dr. Kristin Watson is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and a co-founder of the ATRIUM Cardiology Collaborative. Her practice, research and teaching is focused in the area cardiology. She is passionate about educating her patients about their medications and ensuring the they know the reason(s) for each of the agents prescribed. She also strives to ensure that patients understand potential side effects of therapy.

You may view this live event by joining our YouTube channel:

You may ask questions live via the comment section or use a link that allows you to submit anonymous questions/comments.

Please do not make any changes in your medication regimen but instead,

feel free to take parts of the conversation back to your physician for a discussion.

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