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🎉We are very excited to announce an addition to the Aortic Hope team.

❤️Adham Ahmed will be volunteering with Aortic Hope as our Director of Retail Operations. Hope Swag is an important part of Aortic Hope because whenever a community member wears our logo, they are asked what it means and that is the perfect time to educate others about aortic disease. Adham will be making sure we can create not only fun products but useful ones for community members.

Adham Ahmed is a rising third-year student at the CUNY School of Medicine / Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education in New York City. In addition to school, he currently serves on the Research Committee of the Thoracic Surgery Medical Student Association and on the executive board of his medical school’s Research Advisory Board. As an aspiring academic Cardiothoracic surgeon, Adham hopes to one day offer compassionate and holistic care to patients presenting with complex cardiovascular disease. His current research interests include hybrid / endovascular approaches for treating aortic disease, as well as transcatheter / minimally invasive treatments for structural heart disease. Adham is very excited to join the team at Aortic Hope and hopes to help carry the mission of providing hope, awareness, and support to patients and families recovering from aortic disease as he goes on with his training.

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