Our Programs


tableside patient advocacy program

As a Hope Ambassador, you will be working with Physicians and Hospitals, as well as participating in fundraisers or speaking engagements to help provide emotional support to patients who have survived an aortic dissection or who will be undergoing open heart surgery for an aortic repair.  One-page marketing sheets will be provided to you containing information such as Facebook support group sites, the critical role caretakers play in a patient’s life, the importance of cardiac rehab (if applicable) to be distributed to newly diagnosed patients with Aortic Disease.

If you are a Physician or work in the medical community and would like to provide our Tableside Patient Advocacy packets in your office, please complete the form by signing up today and a member of Aortic Hope will be in touch.


Hope ambassador program

Our Hope Ambassador Program gives you an opportunity to work with us to fulfill our mission within the community.  Hope Ambassadors may assist with fundraisers, help facilitate events, participate in the Tableside Patient Advocacy Program and so much more! 


heart to heart program

Aortic Hope's Heart to Heart program aims to connect people to provide each other support while recovering from and living with aortic disease. This includes survivors and caregivers. Participants must be 18 years or older and may include caregivers, dissection and aneurysm survivors. If you are interested in providing support to someone in an one-to-one basis, or if you are looking for support, this is the program for you!